bpost international is among the top 5 international postal services, working for large-scale mailing houses and many of the world's biggest companies.bpost international concentrates exclusively on international daily mail, direct mail and parcels. It handles more than 340 million items a year. In 2008 Bpost recorded an annual turnover of 394 million euros, and 272 million euros in the first three quarters of 2009. 

In June 2013, Bpost entered UK market while Parcelforce increased its rate to China dramatically and swallowed nearly 50 percent of UK market share. Like Parcelforce, Bpost is using the postal system which facilitate the clearing process through Customs. Bpost is offering a priority services to China in the UK, which typically takes 4-9 working days for a parcel to be delivered into China. Normally, it takes around a week's time to reach major cities in China. Different from Parcelforce, Bpost is offering a very competitive shipping rate for parcels into China.