Parcelforce was founded 14 years ago and since then has provided a link for British businesses to send international cargo and deliveries, as well as offering express delivery in the UK. Parcelforce are part of the Royal Mail Group and in the UK their Operational Centre is in Coventry. This centre was built in 2000 and is split into two hubs, one for UK deliveries and one for International transportation of cargo and freight. The National hub is over 24,000 square meters and is a quarter of a mile in length.

In addition to this Parcelforce has 53 local depots spread across locations in the UK, including Ireland and Wales.

The European delivery section of Parcelforce is called G.L.S., or General Logistics System and delivers across the whole of Europe. The Parcelforce red vans are a recognized symbol across Europe, largely due to their association with Royal Mail. Parcelforce Worldwide is in fact a trading name of Royal Mail.

Whether you are a business customer or a private individual, we understand that making sure your parcel arrives at its destination on time and in the best condition is your number one concern. For businesses however this is especially important as your company’s reputation is on the line.