Restricted & prohibited Items


Alcoholic beverages

Alcoholic beverage type

UK destinations

International destinations

Alcoholic beverages and liquids (less than 24% ABV), e.g. beer; ale; cider; fortified wine; champagne



Alcoholic beverages and liquids (24-70% ABV), e.g. whiskey; vodka; most spirits and liqueurs



Alcoholic beverages and liquids (greater than 70% ABV)



Volume must not exceed 1 litre for any one item and no more than two items can be sent in any one package. The items must be securely closed and placed in a leak-proof liner, such as a sealed polythen bag. Surround with absorbent material and sufficient cushioning material to protect each item from breakage. Mark as 'FRAGILE' when sending glass bottles.


The table below outlines what type of battery can or cannot be sent:

Battery  type

UK destination

International destinations

Alkaline, nickel metal hydride (NiMH) or nickel cadmium (NiCd) batteries, including household AA and AAA



New and used lithium ion and lithium polymer batteries sent with equipment (e.g. rechargeable batteries sent with equipment but not installed in the equipment)



New and used Lithium ion/polymer batteries contained in equipment (e.g. rechargeable batteries found in electronic devices)



New and used Lithium ion/polymer batteries sent on their own (e.g. lithium batteries sent as replacements)



Lithium metal batteries sent with equipment (e.g. non-rechargeable batteries found with electronic devices)



Lithium metal batteries contained in equipment (e.g. non-rechargeable batteries found in electronic devices)



New and used Lithium metal batteries sent on their own (e.g. lithium batteries sent as replacements)



New wet, non-spillable batteries (e.g. sealed lead acid batteries, absorbed glass mat and gel cell batteries)



Batteries classified as dangerous goods and certain used batteries that are classified as dangerous goods by the latest edition of the Technical Instructions for Safe Transport of
Dangerous Goods by Air published by the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) including wet spillable lead acid/lead alkaline batteries (including car batteries), lithium batteries when not sent with or inequipment, damaged batteries of any type, together with used alkaline and nickel metal hydride




Arms and Ammunition

All firearms including: imitations and antiques; paint-ball or toy guns; taser guns; air rifles, air pistols, components of firearms and all other items similar to, or resembling the foregoing are prohibited. All ammunition (including components thereof) and airgun pellets are also prohibited.

Christmas Crackers

Christmas crackers are prohibited.

Counterfeit currency

Counterfeit currency and counterfeit stamps are prohibited.

Dangerous Goods

-Explosives such as fireworks, flares and blasting caps

-Gases including cylinders for camping stoves, gas cartridges, fire extinguishers and scuba tanks

-Flammable liquids including acetone, benzene, petroleum, lighter fluid, solvent-based paint thinners and removers and many paints, enamels and adhesives

-Flammable solids including magnesium, phosphorous, potassium, sodium, sodium hydride, zinc powder, fire lighters and matches

-Oxidising materials or organic peroxides, (including many disinfectants, nitrates and hair dyes or colourants containing peroxide)

-Toxic or infectious substances

-Radioactive material

-Corrosives including acids, corrosive paint and rust removers, caustic soda, some dyes, mercury and gallium metal

-Miscellaneous, e.g. car airbag inflators, dry ice

Damaged batteries

Damaged batteries of any sort and those identified by the manufacturer as being defective for safety reasons are strictly prohibited and must not be sent.

Drugs and certain substances

Controlled drugs and drugs detailed in the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971

Frozen food

For all international services, foodstuffs and perishable food articles and beverages requiring refrigeration or other environmental control are prohibited.

Foreign and illegal lottery tickets

Foreign and illegal lottery tickets and related advertisments for illegal lotteries are prohibited.

Foul or disgusting material is prohibited.

Goods made in foreign prisons

Goods made in foreign prisons (except those imported for a non-commercial purpose) of a kind not manufactured in the UK or those in transit.

Human and animal remains

Human and animal remains (including ashes) are prohibited.

Indecent, obscene or offensive articles

Including pornography as detailed in Part 5 of the Criminal Justice and Immigration Act 2008 and indecent photographs or pseudo-photographs of a child as detailed in section 160 and 161 of the Criminal Justice Act 1988. Indecent, obscene or offensive communications, prints, photographs, books or other articles, and packets bearing grossly offensive, indecent or obscene words, marks or designs are prohibited. Those discovered in transit will be stopped, and handed to Customs or the Police, who may take legal action against the sender and/or recipient.

Infectious substances

Infectious substances assigned to Category A (UN2814 or UN2900) as classified in the latest edition of the ICAO Technical Instructions for Safe Transport of Dangerous Goods by Air are prohibited. Clinical and medical waste, including contaminated dressings, bandages and needles, is prohibited.

Live animals or insects

For all international services live animals (including snakes, mice and reptiles) are prohibited.

Misleading endorsements

Parcels must not bear words, marks or designs which are unauthorised and which may reasonably lead the recipient to believe that the package has been sent On Her Majesty's Service.

Waste, dirt, filth or refuse

Foul or disgusting material (including household waste) is prohibited.